Magnetic kitchen splashback

Magnetic kitchen splashback – Our client wanted to integrate their sockets into the Glartique’s London with a twist artwork using bespoke features and change the blue gradient to a bright magenta. Then to make it even more functional we upgraded it to be a Magnetic kitchen splashback. We can also supply these rare earth neodymium magnets so your recipes can stay out of the way while you prepare your dream...

Printed tiles Glass splashback

We can create any size tiled splashback or tiled mural using the latest laser print ceramic inks for a stunning effect. Imagine the bottom of your pool with a bespoke printed tile artwork.

Corian Glass Splashback

We offer Corian as a material as it is so sensual and versatile. We can router and back light, laser engrave and even print onto Corian. Perfect for a wet room or wall panels

Glartique smART privacy glass

Glartique smART privacy glass With our passion for new technology and always wanting to push the boundaries of Art & Design we have collaborated with SMART glass International. Using cutting-edge techniques we can now print Glartique’s artworks on a specialised film, then laminate it between liquid crystal privacy glass. With a flick of a switch it goes from opaque to see through. The translucent artwork allows light and viewing on both sides. Glartique smART privacy glass is suitable for very high spec developments and...